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The $25 Condom for Men Exactly Who Hate Condoms

Photo: Edward Westmacott/Edward Westmacott

Condoms are awful, amiright? They don’t really feel good and never even shield individuals from sexually transmitted conditions. (Oh, hold off,
never mind about this next one
.) One man was taking care of a fresh condom concept that could address the feeling issue. The guy phone calls his rubberized the
Galactic Cap
and is undoubtedly out of this world.

Charlie Powell is taking care of the condom for 5 years and brought up
through a 2014 Indiegogo venture. He has got upgraded the style from its very first version, which people labeled as a ”
” condom. Now, the Galactic Cap is made of two-ply medical-grade polyurethane in simply the shape of a shoulder Band-Aid with glue on a single part. MEL Mag
it in this manner:

It is built to keep the sensitive and painful skin all over rim of head and over the shaft exposed, and has now a little opening into the bottom coating of plastic which you align with your own personal hole, so semen can get away into the reservoir between your plies.

You remove the backing,
position the opening
over your own personal opening, then clean along the remainder of the product. Here’s a video clip explaining in detail simple tips to apply and remove it:

This manufacturing will not appear inexpensive. Galactic Caps are
$25 apiece
or only $15 a pop when you buy ten. But end up being informed that it is a non-FDA-approved prototype, as clinical trials to have the FDA stamp could cost everything $one million.

Powell’s staff tested it with a
and a literal sex equipment built at California county college, gay personal classifieds Long Beach, with a dildo. They found it could keep a bladder’s worth of “simulated” pee before falling off. Nevertheless the glue is actually vulnerable to lube, therefore saliva merely!

Or you could wear condoms that are cheaper than a money each, tend to be FDA-approved, and make use of water-based lubricant.