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List Of Rappers That Don’t Smoke Or Do Drugs Opera News

The channel even pioneered the televised “town hall” with then presidential candidate Bill Clinton, which many credit to his popularity with younger voters and his eventual victory. Clinton, who famously “didn’t inhale” when questioned about his marijuana experimentation, ushered in an ease once he took office, taking the country out of the panic of nuclear war. The excess and materialism of the ‘80s was being shaken out; or at least, how it was expressed began to change in both music and culture at large. Hip-hop and alternative music were becoming outwardly political, offering the social commentary that was relegated to punk, hardcore, thrash, and underground rap for most of the ‘80s on a bigger stage. In other words, there was a feeling of more freedom to voice dissent as the Bill Clinton’s era began and, to some degree, optimism.

  • Some of it is really fucking good and some not so much, but that’s music.
  • While acts might have once just hired their beefiest friends from high school to protect them, nowadays, cybersecurity and physical safety have meshed into a more complicated job for bodyguards.
  • Other sober rappers include Macklemore, Kendrick Lamar, Ice-T, and Andre 3000.
  • He braves the wilds of the frigid north to bring the people their smoke.
  • He hangs out with other musicians and hip hop artists who smoke, too.

If you listen to Kendrick Lamar you might think he’s more of a lush than anything else, but this Grammy and Pulitzer Prize-winning MC also has some hits which profess his love (respect?) for Mary Jane. “Smoking weed wasn’t ever a dependency for me. A lot of people use it as a dependency. They wake up in the morning angry, and smoke. It never was a dependent for me, so it never was a crutch, really.” The latter may not be the case for these rappers. According to reports, kendrick don’t smoke or do drugs. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is regarded as one of the most influential artist.

Taylor Swift is the first living artist in nearly 60 years to achieve rare feat on the charts

He has a vlog dedicated to marijuana where he teaches us how to roll blunts and bomber joints. At least you have one thing in common with your favorite rapper; your unbridled love for marijuana. In a 2022 interview with Self, he discussed how avoiding overworking, limiting his use of social media, and feeling inspired and motivated by his daughter help him to stay clean. Eminem is now well-known not only as one of the most influential rappers of all time, but as a rapper who is continuing to overcome his struggle with addiction. At the peak of his addiction, the rapper reveals that he was taking 75 to 80 valium per night. He opens up about his experience in his album Recovery (2010).

Charis E. Kubrin is a criminology professor at UC Irvine whose work focuses in part on marginalized communities, crime and hip-hop (she co-wrote a book, “Rap on Trial,” about rap lyrics’ use in criminal cases). She said that while the recent killings of rappers in L.A. Are certainly troubling, it’s difficult to attribute them to any specific cause or know if they’re truly escalating. Kosha Dillz, a rapper from New Jersey who made his reputation freestyling on Hollywood Boulevard, used to relish alerting his fans online so they could come support him, until he decided it wasn’t worth the risk.


According to reports, she don’t smoke or do drugs . According to reports, Pharrell Lanscilo don’t smoke or do drugs. Marshall Bruce Mathers III, who is better known as Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. According to reports, 50 cent don’t smoke or do drugs.

  • Are certainly troubling, it’s difficult to attribute them to any specific cause or know if they’re truly escalating.
  • They help bring acceptance into the mainstream while highlighting how lucrative the marijuana industry is.

This leads us to 1991, the year when a West Coast gangster rap group adorned their debut LP with a skull adorned with a pot leaf and changed hip-hop. It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Eric B. This slew of albums did more than produce hits, it was possibly the strongest display yet of how hip-hop was influencing fashion, pop culture, politics, and even slang. This happens every night, whether the cameras are on or off.

Ice Cube Responds To Tony Yayo Claiming Biggie Is The Superior Storyteller

There are many sober rappers in the hip hop community. Some famous rappers who don’t drink or do drugs went to rehab while other sober rappers quit cold turkey. A few famous rap stars who are sober even inspired other hip hop stars to kick their addictions for good. Logic, all things considered, is an unlikely chart-topper. Hailing from Gaithersburg, Maryland, the 27-year-old’s flow and penchant for agile rhyme schemes should align him more with alternative rappers than hip-hop superstars.

rappers that dont smoke

What makes him interesting as that he’s made plenty of tracks about smoking. At first, it makes no sense, sober rappers but think about it. Rappers have a target audience, and they must try to relate to that artist.

Sober Rappers Who Don’t Drink or Do Drugs

“I was infatuated with gang life.” Lecrae told Complex magazine. “I tried pretty much every drug there was to try, except for heroin and crack. I was out there.” Although he lives a sober lifestyle today, he doesn’t consider drinking as a sin. “I ain’t got nothing against you if you wanna throw one back,” as he told Sway on Sway In The Morning. After we felt that Cube took the hook from Throw Your Set in the Air, we poked back at him on No Rest for the Wicked.

Did Dr Dre find Kendrick Lamar?

Dre was impressed by The Game's talent and signed him to his record label, Aftermath Entertainment. The Game's debut album, "The Documentary," was produced by Dre and went on to be a commercial and critical success. Kendrick Lamar is a Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist who was discovered by Dr. Dre.

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