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Configuration, Change, and Compliance Management

Discover, analyze, and validate your IT infrastructure to ensure compliance with best practices and regulations. Automatically discover, analyze, change, validate, monitor, and report on your IT infrastructure.
EMC Configuration, Change, and Compliance Management solutions enable you to eliminate manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes so you can reduce risks, maintain service levels, and deliver world-class IT service. With EMC Configuration, Change, and Compliance Management, you get continuous, comprehensive discovery and analysis of the entire IT environment – the foundation for automated data center management. EMC closes the loop with modeling, policy-based analysis, remediation, and reporting.
Business Examples
  • Change Management - EMC Change Management solutions enable you to automate discovery, monitoring, and validation of application and infrastructure changes, including proactive change modeling and automated provisioning.
  • Configuration Management - EMC Configuration Management solutions enable you to discover, model, monitor, track, and validate configuration-related changes to your business-critical applications and information infrastructure.
  • IT Compliance Management - Real-time IT Compliance with EMC enables you to automatically discover, monitor, track, and validate changes and dependencies related to your information infrastructure.
  • ITIL Support - EMC ITIL Support solutions leverage the power of automation to support the incident, problem, configuration, and change management processes, as well as CMDB population and federation.

Key Benefits
  • Automation — Leverage the power of automation to eliminate error-prone and time-consuming manual change-related processes.
  • Change and configuration validation — Create policies that automatically monitor for IT compliance with regulations, governance, and industry best practices.
  • Real-time tracking — Capture automatically all details whenever you make a change to the information infrastructure.
  • Enhanced efficiency — Save time and better utilize resources by eliminating time-consuming manual processes.
  • Industry-leading ROI — Reduce labor costs, increase operational efficiency, and improve IT and business flexibility.